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About Guangzhou GG Leather Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou leather factory, handbag factory, luggage factory, OEM handbag factory, OEM female bag processing factory, men's bag manufacturer, Guangzhou Jiji leather handbag processing factory specializes in the production and processing of various OEM handbags, men's bags, women's bags Processing OEM, wallets, school bags, cosmetic bags, electronic leather cases, backpacks, computer bags, etc., as well as various luggage, leather goods, handbags, etc. OEM processing and OEM processing. WelcomeIncoming sample processing,To figure processing,Do processing

      Guangzhou GG Leather Factory is Guangzhou Leather Factory,Handbag factory,Bag factory,Production of various leather bags and handbags type products.It consists of three processing plants and five studios:The first factory mainly produces real leather bags,Do not make other kinds of bags;The second factory mainly to do PU type handbags,The third factory is mainly to do cloth sewing - based travel handbags。The division of labor among the five studios is more detailed,Each type and each level of bag has a professional teacher to take care of.Do only professional type luggage!The more you do it, the better.And specificity!Our factory is well equipped for production.We can produce and process various handbags according to customer requirements:Men's and women's leather bags,The wallet,Backpack,Electronic leather case,Sports protector computer bag,The lunch bag,4/5000 The bottle cover;Shopping bag;Tool bag;Pen bag;Designer bags;Gift bag;Mobile phone bags,Camera bags and other handbag products,Undertake the production and processing of supplied materials,To sample processing,Stick a card,OEM,All kinds of handbags and leather goods.The main raw materials are all kinds of leather,PU、Nylon、Microfiber,Genuine leather,PVC,Canvas,Wash water,Diving materials, etc.
      “Service better、The customer is supreme、Better quality”It is the firm management tenet of GG Leather Co., Ltd;To provide better service for customers with more enthusiasm,To a higher quality、More preferential prices for the core competitiveness。In the general new and old customer support and care,The company has accumulated mature high-end handbags and leather goods manufacturing and efficient customer service capabilities,We will continue to use the "flat, beautiful, fast" business style back to the majority of new and old customers love. Welcome friends from all walks of life at home and abroad to negotiate,consulting.We sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow。
In all the luggage factories, handbag factories, leather factoriesMore comprehensive and professional than oursYou may find it hard or not at all!

There are no bags, handbags and leather goods that we can't do!There is no problem that we can't overcome!

Guangzhou GG Leather Co., Ltd. will wholeheartedly provide you with thoughtful, perfect and convenient one-stop service!

1) Better design and development capability

GG leather factory in Guangzhou Baiyun District has two sample version of the room studio,Three studios, Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City,There are five R&D teams,The elite consists of more than 70 people,Among them, the old professional board division paid more than 30 people, Be able to develop samples according to customer requirements。Timely capture the market fashion elements,Constantly experimenting with the combination of new technological materials and applications。Senior designers and exquisite version of the room development process,Make it as fast as you want。


2)Faster factory manufacturing capabilities

GG Leather Factory has a processing branch in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City,Huadu area town has two processing branch factory total three processing plants。More than 80 percent of the production experience of the old staff,Rich production experience and advanced production equipment combined,Become our high speed delivery rate 。At the same time the factory also with the same three brothers(Family brothers)Joint production。

Actively respond to customer needs,Complete the delivery plan from drawing to actual sample in 1 day,Design - Proofing - Delivery - Confirm;7 days for large orders。Quick selection,The fast delivery,Save you every minute,Every second!The factory is located in Guangzhou,The logistics is very developed,No matter where you are on earth,Our products can get to your place quickly。Domestic customers will deliver the goods today and receive the goods tomorrow!


4)Stricter supervision of product quality

Strictly implement the quality inspection regulations of materials, semi-finished products and finished products,Double check of production and quality control departments,Try to make sure that the defective products do not fall off the line,Quality problems do not leave the factory principle。And every link is photographed for the customer,Make each process under the supervision of the customer。It's really high quality,Give you a different surprise!

Implement the concept of high quality and low price,Truly low cost high quality!We design and manufacture our own products,Reduce intermediaries,Cost savings;At the same time, GG leather factory also promised customers to return samples under orders。Save every penny for you!


6)More attentively and more professional customer service for your service

From your order to the delivery of goods door-to-door,Deliver your order with care every step of the way,And promise all goods according to the agreed after-sales service to provide warranty services!Bags industry25 years experience as a sampler,Each process is precisely mastered by professional customer service 24 hours online answer questions,Solve all your difficult questions。

GG Leather Factory will send the electronic copy of the drawing to the customer for confirmation,Discuss,Involve the customer in the design;After making samples for you, we will deliver all drawings, sample packages and materials to the customer,This gives customers more choices of suppliers that process at lower prices;This allows customers to better control the cost。


8)More kinds of luggage, handbags and leather goods

GG Leather Factory has more than 30 experienced owners in its five studios,All kinds of bags are available。It is the general processing plant does not have some conditions。The customer has many kinds of bags,You don't have to find several factories to do it,Diffuse one's mind and work hard。No matter what your bags, handbags, leather cases, or all kinds of products,GG leather factory still one-stop service to solve all problems,One hundred percent satisfaction。

No matter how much you order,There are only three or five products,GG Leather will do its best,Elaborate;We can handle large orders。No matter the order size of the customer,We all warmly welcome you! ! ! !
  NO MOQ ! ! !


10)Tighter secrecy

No matter whether the customer chooses our factory cooperation,GG Leather Factory will not disclose any samples and any information to any third party。It is the basic principle of our factory。

From the handbag design, out of the paper grid, material procurement, sample version, order generation processing, OEM, to map to sample processing,Substitute processing or semi-finished products processing any one or several technology cooperation can be——In short, your demand is our pleasure。Win-win cooperation!



MISS ROSE -包包质量非常棒
    MISS ROSE -包包质量非常棒                 「详细」......


    风格独特,款式新颖,质量有保证!           「详细」......


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